Maruzen:your bridge to a world of knowledge

Yuteki Hayashi, a disciple of the celebrated intellectual and educator Yukichi Fukuzawa, founded Maruzen in 1869, the year following the Meiji Restoration, to contribute to Japan's enlightenment and prosperity through the introduction of Western knowledge and technical expertise. For 138 years Maruzen has brought the world's finest books and journals to discriminating readers, either through its stores or directly to researchers and libraries of educational and academic institutions.

Maruzen has been an innovator ever since its inception. Indeed, the prospectus heralding the Company's creation stressed that Maruzen would be a pioneer enriching society through trade and the provision of excellent products and information desired by aspirational consumers.

In the 21st century-operating a network of 22 sales offices and 43 retail stores across Japan-Maruzen is as eager to embrace new knowledge in the service of society as it was in 1869.

By creating a superb environment for all those who share Maruzen's quest for intellectual enrichment, it is our earnest desire to fulfill our historic mission, namely, to satisfy our customers' needs and aspirations, and thus, contribute to the enlightenment and prosperity of society.


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